A little place to share pictures of the swaps I do for swap-bot including mail art, ideas and more. :)

Monday, 31 March 2014

Handmade envelope book

This was for a swap I hosted for handmade envelope books, I was so excited to see what I was going to get in return!!

To make each envelope, I used paper stock, magazine pages, childrens book pages and ephemera and I binded the envelopes together with ribbon to make it into a book. I checked my partners profile and I saw she liked animals so I used a cut out of a lion and a polar bear on the front & back covers of the book.  She also likes inspirational quotes, so I wrote one of my all time favourites, by roald dahl, on the outside of the back cover.
I filled up the envelopes with small surprises, each envelope is a different surprise for my partner... stickers, postcards, embellishments, ephemera. I hope she likes it! :)

A little envelope book of love

This was what I made for a good swap friend of mine through my swap group "sealed with love". The swap required swappers to send their partner lots of love themed paper goodies; postcards, inspirational quotes, mail art, etc. It was mostly senders choice.
I decided to make my partner a little book made from envelopes. I made the "cover" front and back for the book from a magazine page all about love with a tag and label. Then inside, I made about 4 little envelopes, getting smaller in size until the middle was the smallest envelope. I used paper stock, craft paper and ephemera to make the envelopes and I wanted to keep it mostly pink and bright colours to stick to the love theme.
I binded the book just using some old string. I decorated the outsides of the envelopes with stickers, embellishments and washi tape.
The best surprise is, in each little envelope, I included small surprises for my partner such as inspiring love quotes, a love bird theme hanging decoration for the home, love postcards, love stickers, a "love letter" and more.

half/half & alphabet text.

This was for one of my swaps featuring "half/half". Swappers in this swap had to half the envelope somehow using colour, shape or another technique. i used old cut up calendars to make the envelope and halved it down the middle with washi tape.​ i don't really like this one but at least i did the half/half so i'm happy lol

This was "alphabet text" for one of my swaps for mail art. I like the quote and the collage I used here. Some of the text in the background of the collage was from a childrens book. Envelope was made from a magazine page.

You're fat & lumpy and tag mail art.

 I made this from a childrens book which I love! It's called "all my neighbours are weirdos" - it's full of really strange jokes and rhymes. I used washi tape and some text cut-outs for this where the themes were: washi tape, butterfly, text and childrens book.

This is one of my favourites. I made this for a girl from a tag in the forums on swapbot. She asked for happy mail so I checked her profile for things she likes and decorated a handmade envelope with things I think she will love; animals, vintage & cats!

frankie magazine & choose 3 swap

Nice and simple, envelope made from a page from Frankie magazine. Cute panda washi tape!

This was for a swap I hosted for "amazing mail art" swap group. It was called "choose 3" and I gave a ton of themes, colours, types of art, themes and words to use and participants had to choose 3 from the list and incorporate it somehow in the envelope they made. I chose polka dot, washi tape and butterfly.
The envelope was made from a childrens fairy tale book. The book stack cut-out was from a magazine, and the address label is a memo. I love the tartan washi tape, I actually got it from a christmas store last year.

Pink & text of all sizes.

Pink theme! :D I played around with stamps and cut outs with this. The envelope was made out of a piece of craft paper. There's also some little embellishments and pink washi tape.

This theme was text of all sizes. I played around using a magazine page that had a list of "things to make you happy" - I highlighted things that make me happy from the magazine page with pink, cut out the words "simply" and added some different shapes and textures using papers and stickers.

different patterns

This was for one of my swaps and the theme was different patterns and shapes. I explored with washi tape, collage, floral patterns and stickers. I used a magazine page to make the envelope with.

brown & childrens book

I love this one! I used cut-outs from a winnie the pooh book for the images on the left and right botton corners. The address label is actually a cut-up wedding invite, they're so cute I had to buy a pack of these cute owl paper goodies!

brown & rustic

Quick & easy using a magazine page showing organic coffee + a bunny sticky note for an address label.